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What are we here for, if not to make life easier for others?

The Community Centre is fully staffed and operating from 10:00am - 10:00pm seven days a week. It is open to every member of the community. In order to make sure that we cater for everyone, all our staff are CRB enhanced checked and our reception staff are SIA (Security Industry authority) trained. We have a number of different skill sets within the team… no one person has all the answers… just like a community… we have to listen and learn from each other… all the time.

We have a number of friendly volunteers who can translate most languages and are always willing to lend a hand. 

Why not pop in to see us? If you have a problem… we can help… if you have a suggestion… we will listen.

Julie Fawcett Director
Faisal Ehsan Project Manager
Mary Gallagher Job Search and administration
Jamie McVay Day time Receptionist
Emery Cole Evening Receptionist / Project worker
Arron Charles Evening Receptionist / Project worker
Camillo Osorio Football coach and fitness instructor
Kirsty Oliveria Fitness instructor
Jermaine Burke Weekend Receptionist / Project worker
Marlon Cross Weekend Receptionist / Project worker


why not join us?

The Trust is always looking to expand its Board. The Board is currently made up of a mix of tenants and co-opted members who have specialist skills. In the New Year the Trust is seeking new trustees who can boldly go where no charity has been before!

Because the Trust is made up of local people it is close to the problems that the estates and the local area face. One of the Trust's greatest concerns is the education of the young people in the area and is working with local schools and Centres to combat truanting and to expand young peoples’ concept of the wider society. The Early Years Centre will continue to deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage but will also look at supporting parents in other ways. Local youngsters are welcomed into the Early Years to complete their work placements for college and to learn about the challenges that teachers face in the area.

The rapid changes in population can leave some feeling vulnerable and our elderly are an increasingly large part of the population. The new build Extra Care Home that Community Trust Housing are planning on Robsart Estate will alleviate many of the problems in the area but there is always more to be done with the residents and their friends from Wynter House showing just how residents are doing things for themselves with Christmas lunches, trips out and bingo sessions!

The pursuit of racial harmony is key to the Trust. The relief of poverty reminds us all that the Community Trust was born out of social housing when social housing was the last resort and the area was one of those that residents did not want to live in. Poverty is not just about a family’s income. There can be all sorts of issues within the home that spill out into the streets and these problems can be the ones that destroy the peace and clam of an area.

We want children to be able to move around the whole borough with no sense of fear, to be able to succeed at school and to know that they will be assisted if things go wrong.

  The Trust strongly believes that CHILDREN LEARN WHAT THEY LIVE
  If a child lives with criticism he learns to condemn
  If a child lives with hostility he learns to fight
  If a child lives with ridicule he learns to be shy
  If a child lives with shame he learns to feel guilty
  If a child lives with tolerance he learns to be patient
  If a child lives with encouragement  he learns confidence
  If a child lives with praise he learns to appreciate
  If a child lives with fairness he learns justice
  If a child lives with security he learns to have faith
  If a child lives with approval he learns to like himself
  If a child lives with acceptance and friendship he learns to find what’s good in the world

The Community Trust – working for the relief of poverty, furtherance of education and the pursuit of racial harmony – please help us make this a reality.



We are currently looking for new board members. If you are...