on the 31st March 2012...

The Community Trust shrugged off its collective jumpers, scarves and woolly undies, struggled into its black and gold tee shirts – very chic! and crept to the front door of the Community Centre... cautiously checked the weather and then bounded out to spend the next four hours working really, really hard: asking everyone what they would like to see happening in the Centre during the upcoming refurbishment!

With plans for the renovation on display our community came out to 'walk the walk' and 'talk the talk'!  All this activity was helped along by some delicious snacks courtesy of Maria, amazing magic tricks, a bouncy castle and lovely performance put on by Puppet Planet. We had wonderful dancing from our locally grown (albeit Peruvian) youngsters Inka Expression. There were people offering advice on how to get yourself out of debt – and not getting into it in the first place!  Clean Slate were present, offering work and support to those who have childish history on their criminal records, Tango dancers whirled about and a quite different, though just as lovely Maria showed off her zumba moves, whilst Kirsty gave us a demonstration of her pilates and pre and post natal exercise classes. Brixton Cycles were here offering to fix your bikes for free and make sure you were all ready to compete with the likes of Bradley Wiggins at the Olympics!

Capoeira demonstrations, group drumming and fast, nippy remote controlled cars spun all over the Playground. Those who fancied sitting down for a while watched films from the Black Film Archives. Those who wanted to get up and get going joined in the table tennis competition. The Early Years opened its doors to the community and offered face painting and puppet making – genius!

Oasis, the Edible Bus Stop and Community Trust Housing demonstrated how to green the environment as well as asking residents whether they wanted to get involved in local food growing projects. Art, Poetry, a short play and a coming together at the end of the afternoon with the Theatre of the Oppressed to realise why we were all there completed the day.

Well why were we all there?  We have BIG LOCAL in the area and they want to know what local people think… about anything and everything!… The Community Trust had its own comments wall …which without fear, favour or deletion is replicated below! (Click on each of the headings to see reveal what people had to say about that issue.)

We have the world’s citizens as our neighbours, we all have good days but often times can be hard and living somewhere where your neighbour is ready to share a cup of tea and a bit of a giggle…let alone one of Maria’s famous fruit kebabs is THE place to be. Let’s hear it for communities everywhere who daily “make things happen”!!!

Our heartiest thanks to The Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund, Comic Relief, the Walcot Foundation and Community Trust Housing for their financial and “emotional” support for the Trust!

A huge high five to everyone who came and shared… a bit of giggle!

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our current mission

to secure funding to continue to provide vital services... up until our twentieth anniversary and beyond!

The Community Trust is dedicated to the relief of poverty, furtherance of education and the pursuit of racial harmony. It's also dedicated to many more things... like 'ruling the world' and 'winning the league' - but it knows that it has to focus on the things that really matter!...


A fair and just society where everyone plays their part and every drop of effort is valued is what we are after.

Always keen to help out in a crisis the Community Trust has kindly allowed the present government to pinch its ideas... A Big Society where people care about each other and don't look to the "State" as their first provider - the Trust believes that a strong community exercising self restraint is the first move towards a society where love, tolerance and forgiveness hold their own against imposed discipline, authoritarianism, dogma and aggression.

We aim to be a place in people hearts and minds
and a space:

"Where everybody knows your name and
they're always glad you came"

projects in motion

Refurbishment of the community centre

Long awaited plans for refurbishing the community centre are finally in motion. There is still a way to go - but here we come!