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Donations (however small) enable us as a charity to continue providing our vital services and keeps the heart of the organisation beating... without your help and support we simply would not be.

If you would like to make a donation or find out more information on how your donation will be used or even come down and meet us, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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how we are funded

The Community Trust managed social housing in the area for over 12 years. When the time came to hand over to Community Trust Housing (who were able to raise the bank loans so that the estate regeneration could be completed) part of the deal was that the Trust should be able to continue its charitable work that it had been engaged in for over 20 years. Community Trust Housing agreed to fund the Trust a core grant of £100k per year. This allows the Centre to operate for seven days a week, in order to provide free internet service for job seekers, youngsters on college courses or at school and others who have no internet access at home. The hall and other rooms in the community centre are let out to local groups who may wish to dance, sing, praise or worship. The aims of the Trust - the relief of poverty, furtherance of education and the pursuit of racial harmony are key to everything we do.

The core grant makes sure that local residents have somewhere to go from 10:00am - 10:00pm seven days week. The Trust is able to offer support to those in need, information and assistance in the form of letter writing, form filling, job search, CV’s etc.

The Trust works with Lambeth Youth Service to deliver services to some of the most vulnerable young people in the borough, by searching for appropriate projects to move them on to or providing projects within the Centre itself. The Lambeth cuts will not hit the Trust as badly as some groups but the Trust is aware that funding for all work with young people will be severely cut.

The Trust works with Lambeth Education to deliver the services for our Wave 3 Children’s Centre. This will be one of the first casualties in the cuts and will merge with Stockwell Primary Schools Children’s Centre in March 2011. The funding cuts will mean that many of the services we have been delivering through the Centre will no longer be funded through the local authority and the Early Years team is drawing up a list of those projects that will need outside funding, including our Outreach worker post, our speech and language sessions and our physical exercise sessions. The Trust is fortunate to receive small donations from other organisations in the area – a big thanks to the Stockwell Park Residents Association for their donation this year and works to raise revenue from hall hire.

We couldn’t let this opportunity to go by without thanking the government officials at Eland House who have kindly allowed one of their staff (one of our residents), to assist us with furniture and paper – surplus to requirement for their needs. Thanks Dean!

The Trust is eagerly waiting for the refurbishment to be started, hopefully September next year – when the Trust will be moving forward the "Big Society Agenda" of more involvement from local people and a return to our annual event: "The Big Day Out!"

The Trust is actively working on bids to replace grant cuts and to support the work at the core through bids to other charities.

All monies received by the Trust in way of donations are reinvested in local people. Our accounts are audited by Sayer Vincent.