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Early Years started as a Playgroup in 1989 and has continued to grow. Catering for 24 children aged two and a half to five the children are socialising, learning and beginning to trust other adults to guide them through life’s small problems.  Most of all they are having fun and giving parents a chance to meet each other and learn the best way to work positively with their children, how to get their nutrition right, when to call the doctor, the dentist and the optician and how to get them ready for their first days at “Big School”.

The building also operates as a Phase Three Children’s Centre, funded through Lambeth Council and linked to Stockwell Primary School, allowing the Trust to work with parents to help them  identify training and job opportunities.  The Centre also works alongside parents whose children have special needs - including early identification of those who may need a bit of extra help with their speech and language. It encourages young parents and pregnant mums to exercise, relax and enjoy the time they have with their under fives.

The Community Trust invited a bunch of monsters and parents to terrorize the estate with their screeching and squalling and on the 31st October 2009 they turned out to howl and horrify their neighbours and any passerby daft enough to get involved!
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9:30am - 1:00pm
9:30am - 1:00pm
9:30am - 1:00pm
9:30am - 1:00pm
9:30am - 1:00pm


2011 ofsted inspection

Stockwell Park Early Years was inspected on 7th February 2011 - we are proud to announce that we achieved an overall grade of:
GOOD with elements of OUTSTANDING!

This is a very impressive achievement indeed and we would like to thank all the parents / carers for your continued support and encouragement, as we really did require a 'team effort' in the lead up to the inspection. A special thank you to all our lovely little people, who behaved impeccably during the inspection and really showed us off for the great establishment we always knew we could be!


ofsted reports

our history

In 1987 the building that housed our under fives provision was empty and closed. A group of mothers set about re-opening the playgroup. Spurred on by VELMA MOSELY - the then Community Development worker funded through Lambeth, the mothers got their act together, got themselves trained and got going.

It all sounds so easy… and in those days it really was! Luckily for everyone these were still the days when the community could be welcomed into the Playgroup to sit and cook with the kids, to play, to stick and glue. We had wonderful characters who brought us all their internal workings of toilet rolls and we turned them into: telescopes, robots or anything we fancied! The huge amount of planning and paperwork was yet to take over the sheer fun of having twenty-four 2½ to 5 years olds all desperate to run, jump, sing, dance, draw and paint! There have been so many parents and helpers in the group that it would be impossible to name them all. There have been so many children who attended the group… the size of them now is scary - we obviously fed them too much!

The group saw many animals pass through its doors. There were the African Snails - two monstrous things that lived for ages and finally exploded in their glass tank owing to the fact that they were stuffed full of maggots. It was disgusting and very enlightening… we never had African snails again.  Stick insects were a different matter: they regularly escaped. The only people who screamed about it were the staff. The kids just picked them up and put them back in their tank. They didn't bite, they weren't spiders and their legs were a pretty shade of pink. What was there not to like?! Alley Cat first joined the group as a sprightly though abandoned black and white kitten. Alley knew a thing or two... she knew when she was on to a good thing. Kids love baby animals and she played up to them all her long life. Alley loved humans and could be seen for over 17 years stalking around Crowhurst Square... owning it... loving it.

Alley had to leave Playgroup when the regulators arrived.  they objected to our cat, they objected to our guinea pigs. We objected to them… but objection with no power, sadly, is a losers' game and the animals had to go.

As the Regeneration programme began to spread across the estate the Trust persuaded Lambeth that the Playgroup needed revamping and it fell to TIM O'CONNOR the new Lambeth development officer to make it happen. It involved Sammy and Bridgit having to move out of the flat behind playgroup. Sammy liked to fish in the pond with the little kids, making rods and floats and showing them how to land the fish and then throw them back. He and Bridgit had two kids and wanted to move. They too had lived through the hell that had been the estate and wanted a fresh start. So off they went and Playgroup more than doubled in size and dinosaurs appeared on the panel work.

The world had moved on and now Playgroups were called Early Years…so we got new signage and Stockwell Park Early Years was born.

NENETIA NELSON ran the new Early Years Centre: an ex Lambeth Inspector, she did battle with the authorities on the Trust's behalf. Staff were trained up and all now had their NVQ level 3's. It was a slick and efficient team... and then came the next change: the Government chose the name 'Sure Start' - the American equivalent was 'Head Start'; whatever the name, it offered a lot of money for groups to expand their services. Always keen to offer more to the residents of the estate, The Community Trust became a Wave Three Children's Centre. This meant we could bring in other organisations, like Community Midwives, Speech and Language therapists and even Nutritionists. Our Fathers Worker is just starting his group on a Thursday.